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Company Name: KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited

Business Type: Manufacturer , Trade Company

Main Products: Automatically Screen Printer , Automatically Pad Printer , Automatically Hot Foil Stamping Machine , Pad Printing Machine , Screen Printing Machines , Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Export Percentage: 81% - 90%

Year Established: 2006

If paper or film materials are used as substrates, whether in sheet form or roll materials, any printing process must face it. The bronzing process is no exception. The bronzing machine is more common for substrates in the form of sheets, but for the substrates of roll materials, the bronzing machine has also begun to have a targeted research and development trend. In terms of the mechanical structure, the mature hot stamping machine for roll materials is much more complicated than the sheet-type hot stamping machine. It can only be considered a mature hot stamping if it can better deal with many situations that occur during the transportation of the package material. machine. Generally speaking, the roll material hot stamping machine has the following main structures: 1) Unwinding and winding mechanism The unwinding mechanism and the winding mechanism are used to place the materials to be printed and collect the printed materials. During the unwinding and winding process, the edges are neat and the tension is even. 2) Tension control system: The tension of paper or film in different areas is different, and the tension control system is used to correct the conveying problems caused by excessive tension. 3) Correction system: The uneven thickness of the package material and the imbalance of the mechanical conveying system can easily cause the package material to shift in the lateral position. The correction system must ensure that the package material maintains a small deviation before entering the bronzing system and the windowing system. Ensure the consistency of the position of the bronzing graphics and text. 4) Photoelectric tracking system Hot stamping is performed on the roll material containing printed graphics, and maintaining the uniformity of the relative position between the hot stamping graphics and the printed graphics is the basic requirement of printing quality. Therefore, the hot stamping machines of the roll materials are equipped with a photoelectric tracking system. The photoelectric tracking system can identify a certain printing color and transmit the instructions to the servo motor system. The servo motor will drive the traction mechanism to draw the packaged material to the designated position for bronzing. 5) Window opening device Many plastic packages need to design window openings to facilitate consumers to check the products in the package. 6) Operating system The structure of the hot stamping machine for roll materials is more complicated, and there are many parameters that need to be adjusted and set. Therefore, the PLC operating system of the man-machine interface will be used to achieve a more convenient operation process. The hot stamping machine for roll materials is a more widely used hot stamping machine in the packaging and printing industry. With people`s high standards for commodity packaging, more and more customers are showing strong interest in it. I believe that in the foreseeable future, It will continue to enter the packaging and printing industry and make its due contribution to providing users with a variety of high-quality packaging.


Fragile glass products and ceramic products are often transported using plastic turnover boxes as carriers. There are also many plastic boxes and frames used to store odds and ends. In recent years, more and more cases of this kind have been involved in printing, among which silk printing and bronzing are the most common. The silk screen has strict requirements on the shape of the frame. For example, the plane area must be large enough and the height of the ribs should be low. But the bronzing process has relatively obvious advantages: 1) No pre-press processing Most of the plastic baskets are made of polypropylene material, which is not suitable for printing. Hot stamping is used. As long as you choose the right PP hot stamping paper, you do not need to buy a flame treatment machine. 2) There is little restriction on the height of the ribs. Plastic baskets usually exist in the form of containers, which are subject to great gravity during handling. In order to increase the strength of the frame, a thin strip structure is usually designed around the frame. The thin strip structure will increase the strength and reduce the weight of the frame. Since the height of the bronzing plate can be designed to be higher according to the actual situation, the height of the ribs basically does not hinder the bronzing. 3. Easy to form indentation The hot stamping machine is under great pressure, and the imprints formed on the surface of the frame will form a permanent mark, which is easy to reflect the product brand. The bronzing of the frame can be pneumatic or hydraulic. The latest pneumatic frame hot stamping machine designed for users adopts a cantilever structure, which is very simple and convenient to place the frame, and the price is not high.


Compared with offset printing machines, pad printing machines are neither high-precision printing machines nor complex printing machines. However, the use of pad printers is indeed very wide. It can print on almost all product surfaces and is also suitable for almost all types of materials. It can be found in almost all industrial fields. When you need to buy a pad printer, you may consider many factors, but you need to carefully identify the following technical factors. 1) Operating system The operating system of the pad printer mainly consists of a microcomputer interface and a man-machine dialogue interface. The early pad printers were based on microcomputer interface operations, and a lot of data has been stored in the pad printers. Because the structure of the pad printer is not complicated and does not require too much parameter adjustment, the pad printer of the microcomputer has long occupied the mainstream position. However, with the increase in the complexity of pad printers and the improvement of printing accuracy, the use of man-machine interface operations has become more and more common. Many parameters of pad printers can be set and input by themselves, making the operation more Simple and easier to realize data management. 2) Action form Today, pad printers use pneumatic means to control the action mechanism to execute the printing process. Pneumatic mode is simple, compact and easy to maintain. However, the positioning accuracy of the pneumatic device is not high, such as the down stroke of the pad printing rubber head, the movement stroke of the shuttle table and the turntable table during the position change process will cause deviations. For those customers with high requirements and high standards, it is probably an ideal choice to use a servo motor to drive. Ordinary plastic products printing, pneumatic device is possible, but for the uniform thickness of the ink layer, high overprinting accuracy, some mobile phone lenses, display screens and other products, the use of servo system is a prerequisite for obtaining high-quality prints. 3. Workbench style There are many types of worktables, turntable worktable, shuttle worktable and disc worktable, the first two are pneumatically driven. For those products that are not demanding, these two structural forms can achieve the goal very well, but the shortcomings of pneumatic positioning are obvious. In recent years, there has been a trend of adopting the index plate as the workbench structure. The index plate is controlled by a precision divider, and the rotation angle is highly accurate, which has a good performance for the uniformity of the product printing position. 4 Auxiliary structure of pad printer Any printing machinery is continuously improved to finally liberate the operator's work intensity. Pad printers are no exception. As the market, especially high-end users, have higher and higher requirements for pad printers, it has become more and more common to install various auxiliary structures on pad printers, such as automatic plastic head cleaning devices. Automatic fixture turning device, IR drying device, loading and unloading manipulator, etc.


The more common method of bronzing webbing is to use indirect bronzing process, which is to use a screen printing machine to screen the bronzing pulp on the webbing, and then use the heat transfer machine to tightly press the bronzing paper and the webbing together. The place where there is bronzing pulp will be Transfer the bronzing paper, but the place where there is no bronzing pulp will not transfer the bronzing paper. Because the webbing is in the form of rolls, the screen printing machine should use a roll-to-roll screen printing machine, and the bronzing machine should use a roll-to-roll thermal transfer Printing machine.


The hot stamping on the side of the bottle cap is a process often used in cosmetic caps. Some caps require hot stamping of gold or silver lines at the opening, and some caps require hot stamping of text on the side. Hot stamping of gold thread and silver thread can not only use a round-pressed round hot stamping machine, but also a flat-pressed round hot stamping machine. For hot stamping, you can only use a flat stamping machine. The main function of hot stamping gold thread and printing line is decoration. Does the opening of many bottle caps have burrs during the injection molding process? Added value. Most of the lids used in internationally renowned brand cosmetics will consider the bronzing of gold thread and printed thread. Due to the large amount of bottle caps used, the automatic hot stamping machine is almost the first choice for the large cosmetics industry. This automatic hot stamping machine has two structural forms: one is vertical, and the rubber roller presses the side of the bottle cap from above , The worktable adopts a vertical turntable structure. The hot stamping machine with this structure is fast and stable, but the price is high. The other is a horizontal type. The rubber roller presses the bottle cap from the side. The worktable adopts a flat turntable structure. This hot stamping machine is slower, but the price is lower, and it has obvious advantages in hot stamping gold and silver threads.


The automatic cylinder screen printing machine mainly has three structural forms, the vertical turntable type screen printing machine, the horizontal turntable type screen printing machine and the linear transmission type screen printing machine. Vertical turntable screen printers are usually used to print single colors. Depending on the shape of the product, a vibrating plate or crawler can be used as the feeding mechanism. Vertical turntable screen printers are more suitable for products with larger bottle mouths, such as cups and hoses. , Jars, some cosmetic jars. The pre-press treatment mainly includes flame treatment and plasma treatment, while the screen printing unit has mechanical positioning and servo positioning. Most automatic screen printers use UV inks, so vertical rotary screen printers are also equipped with UV curing devices, and more and more manufacturing plants use LED UV curing devices. Vertical turntable screen printers are mainly used to print single colors, but many of these products require multi-color printing. Then, the automatic screen printer with horizontal turntable has obvious advantages. The horizontal turntable screen printer distributes printing on a rotating plane. Pre-processing device, screen printing device, UV curing device, the color can be from two colors to six colors. In order to achieve the accuracy of overprinting, the horizontal rotary screen printer will also use a servo positioning system. The product transmission route of the linear transmission screen printing machine is roughly a straight line. The basic unit of this screen printing machine is a single-color screen printing machine, which can be connected one by one to achieve multi-color printing, up to 10 colors. The linear transmission screen printing machine has two transmission modes: one is the pendulum transmission type, the other is the chain transmission type. The pendulum transmission type screen printing machine is commonly used for printing containers and bottles with a diameter of more than 25mm, while the chain transmission Screen printing machines are commonly used for printing small diameter products such as penholders, candles, syringes, and reagent bottles. The pendulum transmission type screen printer is usually equipped with a flame treatment unit and a UV curing unit. In addition to the flame treatment unit, the chain transmission type also has an IR drying unit. The structure of the fully automatic cylindrical screen printing machine is now very popular, and the degree of standardization is high. Most of the cylindrical products involved by the user can basically be printed with them. However, due to the huge differences in the types, shapes, materials, and sizes of cylindrical products, after the user determines the machine selection, it is usually necessary to determine some details of improvement.


When people talk about which printing process is more advantageous, you have actually fallen into a choice trap. Obviously, no printing process is perfect, and no printing process is immediately facing the dilemma of elimination. It is understandable for some practitioners to belittle another printing process from their own standpoint. Those who choose one printing process based on their own judgment and ignore the other are also blameless. However, we really appreciate those practitioners who integrate various printing processes. They understand the advantages and disadvantages of various printing processes, and continue to develop combinations of various printing processes to fully demonstrate the brilliance of various printing processes. 1) Printing and silk screen printing. It is a fact that silk screen printing is facing the impact of printing. The multi-color overprinting process of silk screen printing is very complicated. It requires the superposition of one color by one color. Whether it is a semi-automatic screen printer or a fully automatic screen printer, it is more difficult to achieve accurate overprinting. For beginners, this is a very challenging job. But printing is much simpler. The four-color ink of the printer is compactly mounted on a mobile support, and the amount of ink is controlled by the computer, and it is printed on the product almost at the same time to form a rich print. This advantage makes the market share of printers continue to rise. However, silk screen practitioners will not give in. The argument that printing technology will replace silk screen technology will certainly not hold. The obvious advantage of screen printing technology is that it is impressive to obtain three-dimensional text and freehand images, and its color vividness and saturation make printing unmatched. Now many silk screen practitioners use printing technology for reference and install printers on the screen printing machine to make up for the shortcomings of silk screen printing on hierarchical images. Some printing practitioners are also considering installing the screen printing head in the printing unit to improve color performance. 2) Silk screen and embroidery. The recent international silk-screen printing exhibition made us deeply impressed by the surprises brought by the combination of silk-screen and embroidery to make crafts or printed materials. Embroidery is one of the most important heritages in Chinese culture. The various embroidery techniques scattered among the folks make Chinese culture an immortal monument in the world. Embroidery is the process of using colorful silk threads to depict patterns on the surface of clothing or textiles. It is an important means to increase the added value of products. Embroidery has a three-dimensional effect, dazzling colors, and rich expressiveness, but the silk threads used in embroidery are thick after all, and it is difficult to reproduce the details of the image in a refined manner. It just can complement each other with the silk screen process. Use silk screen printers to print design patterns on clothing and textiles, and then use embroidery to express exaggerated or eye-catching elements on the patterns: such as logos, such as hair, such as decorations. There are many cases of the integration of printing processes. It is because we have broadened our horizons, urged us to understand related printing and decoration processes, and continue to introduce products that are pleasing to the market.


Exposure to the sun tied the film to fit the plate substrate on the UV sunshine machine on the exposure, through the backplane production model is the basic process of traditional printing methods. The mainstream printing industry has entered the print industry, printing, silk screen and bronze and other special printing industry is still staying in the traditional plate of stage. In recent years, many printed equipment manufacturers try to use different processing equipment to improve the plate production process, and constantly cut the government's increasingly environmentally friendly policy, while also significantly cut the traditional process of the preparation of the traditional process of the process: for example, the use of automatic etching equipment corrosion steel sheet, using laser engraving machine carved steel and bronze gold, the use of CTS directly to create network and so on. These advanced technology expansion despite the favor of many users of the favor, but to go into the popularity, but also have a long way to go. Exposure method making plate prints can not quickly swap into historical waste, for many small micro-enterprises using traditional plate methods in the long time in the relatively long time is still necessary. It is well known that the films used in the process of paper are usually output with laser lighting, while the laser lighting is expensive, small and medium enterprises are difficult to buy, but to the nearby professional Four output center to output, design and modify the control will waste a lot of time. Especially some stationery, toys, gifts, auto parts, electronic products, templates often replace, printing pictures need to change according to customer needs, which for the fast delivery and reaching the instantaneous intention of the customer is very difficult. A ladder-sided specially designed for small and medium enterprises will be generated. Laser therapy only has the output of the introduction of the like, like the event to get the final tangent film, but also in the darkroom configuration to develop the developer and fixing liquid and develop the same, the fixing operation. This and the development of those film, the fixation and no differences. Normally, users are accepting this handling process for savings. However, there are part of the user in order to achieve the quality of the film quality, data management, will be required to purchase automatic flushing machine to complete the backfill of the whole process automation operation.


Plastic baskets are commonly used in supermarkets, restaurants, internal material transfers in factories, and large-scale liquid filling factories: such as beer, beverages and other products, storage, operation, loading and unloading are inseparable from plastic baskets. Some plastic baskets often use bronzing process for simple decoration. Plastic baskets often have a huge space. In order to improve the strength, the four walls of the plastic basket are equipped with stiffeners of different heights, so that the surface of the plastic basket is uneven. In order to achieve hot stamping on the surface of the plastic basket, necessary changes must be made on the hot stamping machine. These changes include: Install the cantilever workbench, install the higher hot stamping plate, the hot head can be adjusted up and down, left and right, front and rear directions, and the frame can be positioned in multiple directions. Most of the plastic baskets are made of hard PP and PE materials, which require a lot of hot stamping pressure to achieve. Therefore, hydraulic hot stamping machines are given priority, and it is also possible to use high-pressure pneumatic hot stamping machines. It should be pointed out that the pressure is a very important factor for the hot stamping of hard plastics, especially plastic baskets. If the pressure is not enough, it is almost impossible to achieve beautiful hot stamping.


The heat transfer process on pure cotton fabrics is a mature example of fabric printing technology. It uses a flat heat transfer machine or heat transfer machine to transfer the heat transfer film or the pattern on the heat transfer film to the garment as a whole. The heat transfer process itself is not complicated, but the manufacturing process of the heat transfer film is complicated. Initially, the pattern that needs to be transferred needs to be completed by silk screen printing. Since silk screen printing can only be printed in one color and one color, it is very cumbersome and difficult. From the screen printing technology alone, you must master plate making technology, printing technology, ink adjustment technology. If there are more than three colors, the entire process of making the heat transfer film will take a lot of time. The accuracy of multi-color overprinting is not very good. With the development of printing technology, the latest example of printers encroaching on the field of screen printing is in the process of making heat transfer film. It directly prints the pattern that needs to be transferred onto the PET film. It is fast, rich in colors, and easy to achieve dot effects. Although it is not enough to shake the position of silk screen in terms of three-dimensional color and fullness, in most occasions, its advantages have been recognized by many practitioners in the clothing industry chain.


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