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KC Printing Machine (Group) Limited


About Us

About Us

KC Printing Machine( Group) Limited Mainly focusing on designing, development, production, and distribution of Automatically Hot Stamping Machine, Automatically Screen Printer, pad printer, Heat Transfer Machine.

Mainly Products:

Automatically Hot Stamping Machine:

Bottle cap automatically hot stamping machine, Soft-tube automatically hot stamping machine, Chain-type automatically hot stamping machine, Roll-film automatically hot stamping machine, Pen-rod automatically hot stamping machine, Card automatical hot stamping machine, automatic plain hot stamping machine, etc

Automatically Screen Printing Machine :

Container automatically screen printing machine, Bottles automatically screen printing machine, Pen-rod automatically screen printing machine, Automatically Multi-color T-shirt octopus screen printing machine, automatically ribbon screen printing machine, Automatically glass bottles screen printing machine, Automatically soft-tube screen printing machine, Servo Plain Screen Printing Machine with rotating table; Multi-colors plain screen printing machine, Automatic rulers screen printing machine etc

Automatically Pad Printer

Automatically bottle cap Pad Printing Machine , Automatically pen-nip pad printing machine, Automaticaly ball pad printing machine,Customized all kinds of pad printer Etc

Hot Foil Stamping Machine:

Manual Hot Stamping Machine ; Pneumatic Hot Stamping Machine , Hydraulic hot embossing Machine; Motor hot stamping Machine, Flat/Cylinder Hot Stamping Machine and heat transfer Machine, Paper hot stamping machine, leather hot stamping machine, wooden hot stamping machine, Plastics hot stamping machinem ,Numbering hot stamping machine

Pad printing machine

Closed Cup Pad Printer, shuttle style pad printer, Conveyor style pad printer, servo pad printer, Robot pad printer, PLC pad printer,

open inkwell pad printer, Shuttle style pad printing machine, conveyor style pad printer, Full servo pad printing machine

Roller heat transfer machine

Standard Roller Sublimation Transfer Machine , Double-roller sublimation transfer machine, Callendar machine

Ribbon sublimation transfer machine.

Simple face ribbon heat transfer machine, Double face ribbon heat transfer machine, Ribbon hot foil stamping machine, Zipper Sublimation Transfer Machine

Hot Products


Company news

  • Full automatic roll to roll hot foil stamping machine for package industry

    If paper or film materials are used as substrates, whether in sheet form or roll materials, any printing process must face it. The bronzing process is no exception. The bronzing machine is more common for substrates in the form of sheets, but for the substrates of roll materials, the bronzing machine has also begun to have a targeted research and development trend. In terms of the mechanical structure, the mature hot stamping machine for roll materials is much more complicated than the sheet-type hot stamping machine. It can only be considered a mature hot stamping if it can better deal with many situations that occur during the transportation of the package material. machine. Generally speaking, the roll material hot stamping machine has the following main structures:


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  • Hot to stamp crates, please find KC hot stamping machine

    Fragile glass products and ceramic products are often transported using plastic turnover boxes as carriers. There are also many plastic boxes and frames used to store odds and ends. In recent years, more and more cases of this kind have been involved in printing, among which silk printing and bronzing are the most common. The silk screen has strict requirements on the shape of the frame. For example, the plane area must be large enough and the height of the ribs should be low. But the bronzing process has relatively obvious advantages: 1) No pre-press processing Most of the plastic baskets are made of polypropylene material, which is not suitable for printing. Hot stamping is used. As long as you choose the right PP hot stamping paper, you do not need to buy a flame treatment machine. 2) There is little restriction on the height


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