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The trend of the integration of the printing process

When people talk about which printing process is more advantageous, you have actually fallen into a choice trap. Obviously, no printing process is perfect, and no printing process is immediately facing the dilemma of elimination. It is understandable for some practitioners to belittle another printing process from their own standpoint. Those who choose one printing process based on their own judgment and ignore the other are also blameless.

However, we really appreciate those practitioners who integrate various printing processes. They understand the advantages and disadvantages of various printing processes, and continue to develop combinations of various printing processes to fully demonstrate the brilliance of various printing processes.

1) Printing and silk screen printing.
It is a fact that silk screen printing is facing the impact of printing. The multi-color overprinting process of silk screen printing is very complicated. It requires the superposition of one color by one color. Whether it is a semi-Automatic Screen Printer or a fully automatic screen printer, it is more difficult to achieve accurate overprinting. For beginners, this is a very challenging job. But printing is much simpler. The four-color ink of the printer is compactly mounted on a mobile support, and the amount of ink is controlled by the computer, and it is printed on the product almost at the same time to form a rich print. This advantage makes the market share of printers continue to rise. However, silk screen practitioners will not give in. The argument that printing technology will replace silk screen technology will certainly not hold. The obvious advantage of screen printing technology is that it is impressive to obtain three-dimensional text and freehand images, and its color vividness and saturation make printing unmatched. Now many silk screen practitioners use printing technology for reference and install printers on the Screen Printing Machine to make up for the shortcomings of silk screen printing on hierarchical images. Some printing practitioners are also considering installing the screen printing head in the printing unit to improve color performance.

2) Silk screen and embroidery.


The recent international silk-screen printing exhibition made us deeply impressed by the surprises brought by the combination of silk-screen and embroidery to make crafts or printed materials. Embroidery is one of the most important heritages in Chinese culture. The various embroidery techniques scattered among the folks make Chinese culture an immortal monument in the world. Embroidery is the process of using colorful silk threads to depict patterns on the surface of clothing or textiles. It is an important means to increase the added value of products. Embroidery has a three-dimensional effect, dazzling colors, and rich expressiveness, but the silk threads used in embroidery are thick after all, and it is difficult to reproduce the details of the image in a refined manner. It just can complement each other with the silk screen process. Use silk screen printers to print design patterns on clothing and textiles, and then use embroidery to express exaggerated or eye-catching elements on the patterns: such as logos, such as hair, such as decorations.
There are many cases of the integration of printing processes. It is because we have broadened our horizons, urged us to understand related printing and decoration processes, and continue to introduce products that are pleasing to the market.

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